Koontz Lake Clean Water Plant Up And Running

The Koontz Lake Regional Sewer District’s Clean Water Plant is fully functional and is in compliance with all state and federal requirements.

The period for mandatory connection to the system has been extended 90 days to Nov. 30 in order to accommodate residents and businesses whose contractors are overwhelmed by business volume. Any account that has not obtained a permit for connection by Aug. 30 will be charged a $50 late penalty and all accounts that fail to connect by November 30 will be charged a monthly penalty equal to 20 percent of their regular monthly bill. That penalty will be charged each month until connection has been completed. Additional penalties may apply in addition to those already established if determined necessary.

A ribbon cutting ceremony for the newly-operational Clean Water Plant is scheduled for Friday, July 20, and an open house will be held Saturday, July 21 for all who would like to see the new facility.