North Judson Town Board Discusses Audit Report

North Judson Town Board

The North Judson Town Board this week discussed an audit report from the State Board of Accounts for the audit that had been performed for the town in January and February. Clerk-Treasurer Donna Henry says the report is available online at, and an official record is available in her office.

Henry says the meeting included some discussion over the audit, which identified financial discrepancies totaling $74,408.67 with the majority of discrepancies in the cemetery lot sales category. Based on the information posted in the cemetery book, and the confirmations that were returned with receipts, the examiners determined that $40,350 was collected for cemetery lots sales but that amount was not receipted to the records. Former Clerk-Treasurer Connie Miller was requested to reimburse the town for this amount, but in a letter to the state board of accounts, Miller wrote that she “strenuously objected to any allegations or suggestions” that she had “done any wrong for personal gain.”

Henry says the board is currently working on establishing a system of checks and balances to prevent a recurrence, and she pointed out that while she’s been in office, the town has kept documentation for what has been paid and what has been receipted. Henry says they will continue doing so, and the board will look for other methods to keep track of their finances.