North Judson Town Board Holds Public Hearing For Grant Modification

North Judson Town Board

The North Judson Town Board this week held a public hearing regarding the modification of a grant for the State Road 39 sewer project. Shawn Cain from the Kankakee-Iroquois Regional Planning Commission was present and explained the issue.

According to Cain, the original grant application included two additional extensions on the sewer project. The grant was approved, but the council, town superintendent, and the engineering company expected the bids to come in higher than they could afford, so they removed the two extensions from the bid. Surprisingly, the bids came in far lower than they had been expecting. The town council then contacted KIRPC and received approval to add them back into the bid. The work was later completed, including the two extensions.

However, that information did not get passed along to the Office of Community and Rural Affairs until after construction had been completed. As part of the modification process for OCRA, the town had to hold this public meeting to get comments from the community, positive or negative, though Clerk-Treasurer Donna Henry says it was merely a formality.

No comments were made at the hearing regarding the project besides that the town council thought the project had been completed in a timely manner, and now Cain will take the results from the hearing to OCRA, completing the grant modification.