Public Invited To Starke County Forest Field Day

Bruce Wakeland

A Forestry Field Day has been scheduled for the first week in August, giving participants the opportunity to take a tour of the new Starke County Forest. Forester Bruce Wakeland says the forest had opened last year, but because of some troublesome beavers, they have had their work cut out for them to get the forest to prime visiting condition.

While the beavers make the forest unique, Wakeland says they have a habit of damming up the nearby culvert, causing the water level to rise and flow over the top of the lane going through the middle of the marsh. When that lane is underwater, Wakeland says visitors don’t have access to the majority of the area, including the observation tower.

Fortunately, Wakeland says the issue was resolved last winter, when a contractor performed some dirt work and controlled the flooding caused by the beavers. Wakeland says that the lane is now more accessible, and the fix seems to be holding up – especially given the dry summer.

The field day is scheduled for Saturday, Aug. 4 from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. CT. Everyone is invited, and Wakeland says a tour will be given and visitors will learn about the forest’s history, tree plantings, local wildlife, and other things as well. The meeting will start in the parking area of the Starke County Forest, which can be found at 10625 E. Division Road.