Starke County EMS Director Says We Need Power Cots, Stair Chairs

Paul Mathewson

Starke County EMS Director Paul Mathewson informed the Starke County Commissioners last week that he is looking into more modern equipment that might cut down on Workers Compensation Claims. He specifically said that he is pricing power-lifting cots and stair chairs.

One of the real dangers for EMS personnel is bringing patients from their home to the ambulance. Many back injury claims have been submitted in the past, and Mathewson said it would pay off in the long run to cut down on these injuries.

A fully-loaded Power Cot from Stryker Cots would cost approximately $13,000, according to Mathewson.

However, one of the most dangerous situations for EMS personnel is trying to maneuver a patient down a narrow stairway. This calls for an equipped chair.

Mathewson said he would bring back more information to a future meeting.