Tax Abatement Approved For Hoosier Custom Plastics

After tabling the matter twice, the Knox City Council this week finally signed documents stating that Hoosier Custom Plastics is in substantial compliance to the terms of their tax abatement.

Council Attorney David Matsey said they were hesitant to sign the forms because documents that were necessary to ensure they were in compliance had been sent to the wrong department – some documents went to the clerk-treasurer’s office that should have gone to the auditor’s department, and vice versa. However, the council ultimately agreed that the company is in compliance, and approved the forms.

Starke County Development Foundation Executive Director Charles Weaver had previously agreed to help research documents in the clerk-treasurer’s office and county assessor’s office that would help company officials fill out the forms. He offered the opinion that the informational problems may originate with the company’s C.P.A. firm, but he says other companies, both locally and throughout the state, are facing similar problems.