Thousands of Dollars In Discrepancies Reported For North Judson

Starke County Prosecutor Nicolas Bourff has confirmed that he has received a State Board of Accounts special report for the town of North Judson. The report covers the period of time between Jan. 1, 2010 and Dec. 31, 2011.

In the summary of the report, the field examiners who worked on the audit identified financial discrepancies totaling $74,408.67.

The largest discrepancy was in the cemetery lot sales category. Based on the information posted in the cemetery book, and the confirmations that were returned with receipts, the examiners determined that $40,350 was collected for cemetery lots sales but that amount was not receipted to the records. Former Clerk-Treasurer Connie Miller was requested to reimburse the town for this amount, and it was also noted that Miller required cash payments for the cemetery lot sales.

Other discrepancies that were reported were from utility receipts, receipts from Dec. 31, 2011, utility customer deposits, ordinance violation collections, police department receipts, and reimbursements that were not deposited intact. Personal expenses, and supporting documentation were also reported, and Miller was asked to pay $10,484.38 for the special audit.

Miller, in a letter to the state board of accounts, wrote that she “strenuously objected to any allegations or suggestions” that she had “done any wrong for personal gain.” She also wrote that she was confident that the discrepancies set out in the report can be rectified, and asked for sufficient time to review all of the information.

The report was completed and presented to the current North Judson administration on March 5. Miller’s letter is dated March 14.