Tippecanoe Township Deannexation Movement Put On Hold

Culver Community School Board
Culver Community School Board Members (from left, clockwise): Jack Jones, Ryan Seiber, Marilyn Swanson, Brad Schuldt, Eugene Baker, Jim Wentzel, Ed Behnke, Ken VanDePutte

Monterey Town Board President Jim Fleury says the movement to deannex Tippecanoe Township from the Culver Community Schools Corporation has been put on hold, pending the outcome of House Bill 1047.

House Bill 1047 is currently being discussed by the education study committee at the state-level, and it involves the feasibility of establishing a process by which residents of a part of an existing school corporation may elect to deannex from that corporation and either annex to another existing corporation or establish their own.

Fleury says there will likely not be any further action on the deannexation of the township until after the next legislative session, because he says what could possibly become law would have an effect on what they’re trying to accomplish.

Fleury had presented a petition to the Culver School Board in December of last year which requested that the board allow the township to deannex from the corporation and allow it to be reannexed into the Eastern Pulaski Schools Corporation, but no action was made on that petition.