Winamac Men Arrested For Tool Theft

Two Winamac men were arrested after an alleged theft incident early Sunday morning.

The Starke County Sheriff’s Department was notified of a possible theft case, and the caller stated that three people were getting into his vehicle. When the officer arrived on scene, 25-year-old Robert Howard, of Winamac, was detained and asked what he was doing on the property. He stated that he was picking up scrap with two other people. He said he had permission from the previous owner to take scrap from the property, but police soon learned that they were not allowed to take any items from the residence.

The victim identified several tools and other parts in Howard’s vehicle that were his. Howard was arrested on preliminary charges of Theft and Trespassing. Another person with Howard, Alton Allen, 28, was arrested on a preliminary charge of Trespassing. A juvenile was also taken into custody, and all three were taken to the Starke County Jail.