WKVI Trip To Washington Will Include Gettysburg Tour

News Contributor, Ed Hasnerl
Ed Hasnerl

With each day drawing the trip ever closer, excitement is building for those who have signed up for WKVI’s Washington, D.C. Tour. Yesterday it was announced that selected veterans on the tour will present a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns.

Trip Coordinator Ed Hasnerl explained that a number of other events will take place as well, including a Gettysburg tour.

“We’re going to be attending a worship service at the National Cathedral on Sunday, June 17. Our Gettysburg tour is going to be presented by Alan Selge, a middle school teacher in the Knox school system. He is planning to be in costume and has videos to show. That’s going to be a very exciting event as well,” Hasnerl said.

There are still two seats available for the trip, which begins June 14.