Women Over 40 Need Mammograms, Says Klicek

IU Health Starke Hospital

Ladies over 40, have you had your yearly mammogram? According to Josephine Klicek at IU Health Starke Hospital, there is no more important decision you can make today than to schedule your mammogram.

Klicek is so passionate that women over 40 should have a yearly mammogram that she set up a table at the recent Health Fair, sponsored in part by IU Health Starke Hospital.

“When the patients would come up, one of the things we would ask them is, ‘Do you have insurance? Have you had your yearly mammogram?’” she said.

Of the fifteen women who went through the screening, one came up positive.

“We did have one women who screened positive,” Klicek noted. “We did the screening mammogram, and then we did a diagnostic, which provides additional pictures. We followed her through the system, and are now able to take care of her all the way.”

Klicek also talked about the new equipment that makes the experience quick and less unpleasant than ever before.

“IU Health Starke was the first hospital in northwest Indiana to have the type of equipment we are using. That was with the support of Interim CEO David Hyatt, who is a great supporter of women’s imaging. He helped lead the charge to get this great equipment for us,” Klicek explained.

Please schedule your appointment today by call Josephine Klicek at (574) 772-6231. If you do not have insurance, she can issue you a voucher through the IU Health Foundation so you can get your mammogram free. They also work through the Starke Health Fund and the Susan B. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

“There is no reason to put off getting your mammogram one more day,” Klicek pressed.