Bauer Ousted As Indiana House Minority Leader

State Representative Nancy Dembowski

Patrick Bauer was voted out as the Indiana House Minority Leader in a caucus Thursday afternoon. State Representative Nancy Dembowski participated in the caucus and talked about the discussion.

“I was in attendance at the caucus and we met with the intent to discuss what type of leadership is needed to best serve our constituents, our districts and the State of Indiana in the future and as we move forward,” said Dembowski.

Linda Lawson was voted in as the Interim Leader by a majority vote. She will serve in the interim position until the General Election in November.

Dembowski said she’s had a very good relationship with Bauer.

“It’s a very difficult and personal thing. I’ve worked with Leader Bauer for six years and I’ve had a great relationship. He’s always kept his word to me, Whatever he said he would do he did and I had no personal problems that way at all,” said Dembowski.

Dembowski added that he always kept the people of Indiana at the forefront in every decision.

She explains that the party was looking toward the future with their decision.

“We need to put a group into place who will work side-by-side with all members of both our party and in a respectful, positive and constructive manner,” Dembowski said.