Medaryville Man Arrested For Alleged Domestic Battery

A Medaryville man was arrested Saturday after an alleged domestic dispute.

Larry Minarik, Jr. reportedly got into an argument with a 26-year-old woman over a cell phone. During the argument, Minarik allegedly pushed the woman down in their home and pressed his hand over and into her mouth and yelled at her to be quiet. The woman told police she couldn’t breathe and struck Minarik in the face to get him to stop. The woman’s eight-year-old son reportedly heard his mother scream.

The woman called her father who then called police. By that time, Minarik left the residence. The officers learned that the woman had filed a protective order against Minarik but it had not yet been served.  Minarik reportedly called the woman later and asked to get some things from the residence and officers were able to come back to the home to arrest him.

Minarik reportedly told police that he put his hands in front of her mouth but did not actually touch her. He said she was screaming for no apparent reason.

Minarik was arrested on a preliminary charge of Domestic Battery with a Minor Present. He was served with the protective order while being booked into the Pulaski County Jail.