Two Arrested after Pursuit Incident with Hamlet Police

Two people were arrested Saturday night after a pursuit incident with Hamlet police.

A Hamlet police officer was parked at the intersection of Starke and Indiana Streets when a person driving a motorcycle disregarded the stop sign and continued to travel through the intersection at a high rate of speed. The officer pulled into the intersection and a second motorcycle skidded to a stop at the intersection. The officer spoke to the subject and asked him to stay where he was and took off in pursuit of the other motorcycle driver.

The officer saw the motorcycle headed out of town at a high rate of speed, but the driver finally came to a stop near the intersection of 500 North and 700 East. Officers were able to take the driver, Dale Wireman, into custody. Once in custody, he attempted to fight with officers three different times. He attempted to struggle with police when officers were trying to put his seat belt on while in the squad car. Wireman had to be tazed in order to gain compliance.

The second motorcycle driver, Christopher Bradley, fled the scene but was later located by a Starke County Sheriff’s deputy and arrested near U.S. 35 and State Road 8. His motorcycle had run out of gas.

Dale Wireman was arrested on preliminary charges of Resisting Law Enforcement as a Class D Felony and as a Class A Misdemeanor, as well as Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated – Endangering, Reckless Driving, Disorderly Conduct, and Possession of Marijuana. Christopher Bradley was arrested on preliminary charges of Resisting Law Enforcement and Reckless Driving.