Pulaski County Commissioners Enhance Accountability Through Key Regulation

Pulaski County Commissioners Larry Brady, Vice President Terry Young, and President Tracey Shorter

It’s all about accountability, said Pulaski County Commissioner Larry Brady, who expressed his desire to ensure county employees only have keys to the courthouse doors and their own offices. He told his fellow commissioners and the department heads in attendance that he would like all county building keys to which the commissioners have access to be stored at the county 911 center.

Brady said it would be ideal to keep the keys locked up with a logbook that must be filled out any time a commissioner needs a key to access an office. He said this would ensure that if any items were to go missing or something is askew in the office, the perpetrator could be identified.

County Auditor Shelia Garling disagreed with his motion and said that she feels if someone needs access to her office, they should contact her so she can let them in. As a department head, Garling said no one has the right to come into her office without her knowledge.

Sheriff Michael Gayer agreed and said that each office is the domain of the department head, and if anyone wants access to their office, they should have to go through the department head.

Brady rephrased his motion in light of their comments to allow the commissioners to have access to keys to the courthouse building and the commissioners’ office, but not keys to other offices. Department heads would be contacted if the commissioners need access to their office. The commissioners approved the motion.