Two Pulaski County Officials Suspended With Pay; Commissioners Silent as to Why

Pulaski County Commissioners Larry Brady, Terry Young, and Tracey Shorter

Two Pulaski County officials have been suspended with pay, but neither the county commissioners nor their attorney have released any clue as to why. The county commissioners recently suspended Highway Superintendent Kenny Becker and secretary Lin Morrison with pay following an investigation, and have appointed Rex Cudworth as the interim superintendent.

The commissioners also ordered that the locks be changed at the county highway garage, but will not elaborate on what prompted the action. The investigation continues, however, as the pair is still suspended with pay. Personnel matters must be discussed in an executive session, but any vote to terminate an employee or suspend an employee without pay must be taken at a public meeting.

As of now, no vote has been taken to suspend the employees, and county attorney Kevin Tankerslee explained that no recorded vote is needed to suspend an employee with pay. He said that because the commissioners act as both the legislative body and the executive body of county government, suspension with pay is within their authority.