West Central School Board Gets Report on Active Shooter Training

West Central School Superintendent Charles Mellon
West Central School Superintendent Charles Mellon
The West Central School Board reviewed a report submitted by Safety Director Chuck Evans who attended the active shooter training at the Monterey Elementary School on Saturday, Feb. 23. Ten students attended the training and Superintendent Charles Mellon believes that the information they learned will be helpful in planning a similar training at the school corporation in the near future.

The feedback will also aid in reviewing the corporation’s emergency plans.

“We had been to a couple of meetings before and I think our plan was before we revised ours in any way was to go through this activity of the drill and see what we could bring back from that,” explained Mellon. “I’m sure that once we get to that point student comments will certainly going to be welcome and they can be part of that committee work.”

Chuck Evans had stated in a previous interview that he talked with the students who took part in the training and commented that they were truly affected by the realism portrayed in the training. Superintendent Mellon believes that information can be relayed to their classmates and included when preparing an emergency plan.

“It’s certainly part of the drill to make it as real as possible and if that’s they way they came away with it then it was a very successful activity,” said Mellon.