Pulaski Council Approves Transfer of Funds from One Bridge to Another

The Pulaski County Council this week approved a $150,000 transfer from the funds dedicated to constructing a new bridge on County Road 625 East to the Haschell Bridge repair project. Recently appointed Highway Superintendent Mark Fox told the council at their meeting last night that the current deck for the bridge will be milled and the existing asphalt will be removed before workers remove a quarter-inch of existing concrete and perform full-depth patching to fill any potholes forming on the deck.

Fox also told the council that the patching will go clear through the concrete and put a stop to any developing problems before they worsen, saving the county the hassle of possibly replacing the whole bridge in the near future – a project which Fox said would be significantly more expensive.

Following that work, Fox said the deck will be overlaid with 1.25 inches of latex-modified concrete. He said the project is estimated to cost roughly $222,000, and he said the transfer would only be taking excess funds from the Monterey Bridge project that would not otherwise be used.

The council approved his request, transferring $150,000 from the Monterey Bridge project to repair the Haschell Bridge.