Office of Indiana State Fire Marshal Celebrates 100 Year Anniversary

An office that has provided the state’s residents with safety and consistency in code enforcement and in fire protection is celebrating its 100th anniversary this month.

The Office of the Indiana State Fire Marshal was established by the state legislature in 1913 to the be state’s first agency chartered to help ensure public safety. When it began, the office was simply a focal point for all of Indiana’s volunteer fire departments. Now, officials conduct thousands of inspections including those of public buildings, schools, day care centers, boiler and pressure vessels, elevators, amusement rides and more.

Twenty state fire marshals have served in the office since 1913. Tracy Boatwright served the longest term which was 11 years, from 1993 to 2004.

This week, state fire marshals from more than 35 states attended the National Association of State Fire Marshals Annual Conference in Indianapolis.