DTFSC Announces Annual Grant Awards

Drug and Tobacco Free Starke County, a substance abuse prevention coalition, has announced its annual grant awards to several agencies, made possible with funding received form the county’s drug free community fund. DTFSC has worked together as a coalition since 1988 under the direction of the Governor’s Commission for a Drug Free Indiana and the Criminal Justice Institute with the mission of reducing the abuse of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs among youth and adults in Starke County.

To achieve that end, the coalition has developed and implemented a county-wide comprehensive plan in the areas of prevention, education, treatment, and law enforcement, and they make a numer of grants to local agencies to help achieve that goal.

The Knox city police and Starke County sheriff’s departments received $5661 to fund updated computerized investigative instruments, replacing outdated equipment to bring the departments in compliance with current Federal Mandates. Porter Starke Services of Knox received $5000 to provide substance abuse treatment services for the indigent population of clients enrolled in the evidence-based program “Prime for Life.”

The Starke County Youth Club received $700 to fund the “SCYC Family Day Dinner 2013,” a nationally recognized program supporting parent and family education regarding substance abuse. DTFSC will also provide informational materials for those who attend the event. Moving Starke County Forward was granted $750 to fund a substance abuse symposium for the residents of Starke County, featuring a speaker who will discuss prevention, education and provide local resources pertaining to substance abuse.

North Judson-San Pierre schools received $750 as well to fund the purchase of equipment to provide music at supervised after-school activities and events throughout the year, and DTFSC will provide information concerning alcohol and substance abuse at the events as well.

Finally, DTFSC was given $3000 and will be providing ongoing prevention and education activities for Starke County residents. Also, during Red Ribbon Week in October, all three school corporations in Starke County will host convocations with a nationally recognized motivational speaker, David Parnell, who will spread the word of the potential harms to self, family and society with the use of drugs.