Starke County Council to Form Committee for Parks and Recreation Board

Bass Lake Beach
Bass Lake Beach

The Starke County Council discussed the possible creation of a Parks and Recreation Board in a special meeting called last week.

Council President Dave Pearman said a lot of support has been given toward this initiative.

“A handful of people came out from the community to express interest and support of the effort,” said Pearman. “It’s interesting that the council shared that they had spoken with many people within their own districts and had a lot of support for it.”

Pearman noted that there are a few concerns the council has moving forward.

“For one thing, obviously, is concern with anything that could possibly create more tax in the future and better exploratory information as far as the properties besides the Bass Lake Beach that would be included.”

It’s important to all involved, according to Pearman, to have a board to help county government in handling the issues at all of the county’s parks.

“The most volatile issue has been some of the things that have gone on with the Bass Lake Beach. On the owner’s side, there were some issues that he had, but certainly there were some issues that the commissioners were dealing with. The commissioners have had to do a lot of handling with that process and making sure that we were compliant. I think that they feel, not only with the Bass Lake Beach but with the other properties and with the opportunity in the future to grow additional park areas, that it really makes sense to have a board that can spend more time, look at the situation and sort of be a mediator between the commissioners and the other parties that are involved.”

The council decided to form a committee in order to get the idea of a Parks and Recreation Board off the ground.

“Everyone that is interested in this, just like with any other committee or board, we always publish it and try to get the word out. Take a look at our own website – we’ll make sure we get that information on the Starke County website.

Be listening on K99.3 and watching for information on the Starke County Parks and Recreation Board, or visit the county’s website is