Pulaski County Commissioners Discuss Military Vehicle Use


Pulaski County Emergency Management Agency Director Larry Hoover and Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department Chief Deputy Ron Patrick discussed military equipment at the commissioners’ recent meeting.

Hoover explained that the sheriff’s department and the EMA can use equipment no longer used by the military for various uses. Hoover talked with the commissioners about selling that equipment after a period of time.

“Certain pieces of equipment after a certain amount of time become our property and as we get replacements for those items, we approach the commissioners about selling those items and setting up a fund to where we would split the proceeds from selling those. Half would go to the county general fund and half would go to a separate account that we would use for going and getting the equipment and performing maintenance on the equipment if necessary.”

Hoover said that currently some equipment is being utilized by the highway department and the recycling center.

“We have two semis right now. One is being used by the county highway. They use it to pull one of their trailers that they carry their backhoe on. The recycling center has a semi that they’re also using to move trailers around and to haul various items. One of those semis will be rotated out and a new one will replace it.”

An ordinance reflecting this procedure has been submitted to County Attorney Kevin Tankersley. He will review the proposed ordinance and it will be discussed and possibly signed by the Pulaski County Commissioners at their next meeting on Nov. 4.