Ancilla College Offers Early Bird Classes for High School Students


Area high school students can get a jump on their higher education at Ancilla College as early as this summer. The school is following the national trend of offering Early Bird Courses. Local high school students who will be juniors or seniors this fall can take college courses during the summer. Executive Director of Admissions Eric Wignall says students get a huge tuition discount and can take fully transferable introductory college courses. “If you’re going off to IU or you’re going off to Harvard, it doesn’t matter. The English writing and literature and the micro-and macro- economics courses are going to transfer,” Wignall says. He notes one Plymouth High School student started taking classes during her junior year of high school, continued taking one or two credits per semester at $125 per credit hour, took a full load of courses during the summer sessions and graduated from Ancilla with an associate’s degree at the end of the summer after her high school graduation. As a result, she was able to start college at IU that fall as a junior. Wignall says the early bird program offers a mix of traditional and online courses. He says most have some type of online component now but recommends students start with some classroom instruction. Wignall says the online-only courses are geared toward students who are very motivated, can stay online and check in every few days and do their assignments. He adds a lot of local high school students already do that, so it’s probably not a big stretch for them. In order to enroll in Ancilla’s Early Bird Program, a high school student must have a  B or better GPA. More information about the early bird program and other offerings is available online at