Lot of Work Ahead for Pulaski County Maintenance Department

Pulaski County Maintenance Director Jeff Johnston has a full plate when it comes to projects as his department tackles a number of large undertakings, such as repairs to the sheriff’s department’s roof and the courthouse elevator and improvements to the recycling center’s drainage system. Johnston said the big question is whether or not the county can fund the projects from another source because the cost of the work would deplete his budget.

The roof of the sheriff’s department is leaking, Johnston said, and when he crawled into the ceiling he found it littered with butter tubs and buckets to catch water. He said fixing the roof would provide around 20 years of leak-free offices. On top of that, the courthouse elevator needs upgraded, because the current equipment is so old that no companies manufacture parts for it. He said this prevents them from making repairs as needed.

Finally, Johnston said the recycling center is having an issue with standing water due to inadequate drainage. This is an electric hazard, he said, and he’s hoping that the county can provide him with an additional source of funding to do these projects.

Johnston will return at a later meeting with a comprehensive, prioritized list of projects to determine how to proceed.