Fire Marshal to Investigate Factory Fire, City Council Praise Efforts of Firefighters


An investigator from the Indiana State Fire Marshal’s Office will be in Knox tomorrow to determine the cause of the fire at Standard Pallet on 300 East on Friday. Firefighters from four different fire departments were on the scene for nine hours to ensure that the fire was extinguished.

On Tuesday night, the Knox City Council members expressed their gratitude to the firefighters for their dedication to the safety of the citizens of Knox. It was noted that the firefighters are volunteers and it’s their life and time they put on the line to respond to a fire and to assist the needs of residents. Some firefighters made sure to notify employers of the situation last week and stayed on the scene to make sure that the area was secure before leaving.

The council members stated that they were grateful that no injuries were sustained in the fire. With the recent fire event that claimed the life of a firefighter and injured another, there is heightened concern of the safety of firefighters at any fire scene.