Road Salt Prices are Saltier this Year

 Knox Street Department Superintendent Jeff Borg told the Board of Public Works members recently that the price of road salt went up about 50 percent this year.

Borg said the city gets 150 ton of salt and it will cost the city $73.32 a ton in an annual agreement with the state co-op. Last year, the price of road salt was $48.84 and the cost was $7,300. This year the city will be paying $11,000.

Borg explained that the eastern part of the state and the northern part of the state will see a bigger increase as they took a harder hit last winter.

WKVI News also spoke to Starke County Highway Superintendent Rik Ritzler said the county will take the same hit, but they will purchase 1,000 ton of road salt. The county will also work on a secondary contract in case there is a need of a backup. That has not been finalized.