Knox Superintendent Discusses Proposed Elementary Project


A final public hearing on the renovation and addition project for the Knox Elementary School is scheduled for Monday, November 3rd. Superintendent A. J. Gappa explains the proposed 5,500 square foot addition.

“When the referendum failed a year ago, plan B was as things go along and failed,” explained Gappa. “We had to fix them but that can become expensive in the long run. One of our major perceived needs was our kitchen situation where we have a 60-year-old cafeteria doing all the cooking and then carting the food down for the half of the building at the west end serving and warming the food at that point in time.”

Gappa says the project is expected to be fully paid for within four years.

“The project would be under a $2 million limit which is what the state has set. By doing the project under that and by selling the bonds, it would be paid for out of debt service over about a four year period.”