Pulaski County CDC Director Discusses Initiation of Redevelopment Commission


Pulaski County Community Development Commission Executive Director Nathan Origer brought forth the idea of a redevelopment commission to the county commissioners during their recent meeting.

Origer explained that there are opportunities the county could be missing out on without a redevelopment commission.

“It allows basically two important things that we cannot do right now,” said Origer. “If ever a town or the county wanted to buy real estate for a downtown revitalization effort because they have absentee owners who are not making buildings usable for potential tenants, the RDC could much more easily purchase that and put any work into it as necessary. They can sell it or lease it to tenants than a municipal entity on its own could. The other thing is setting up TIF Districts.”

The RDC would be a five to seven member board with annual appointments made by the commissioners and the council.

No decision on the initiation of a RDC was made during the meeting. Origer said he’d like to discuss the idea with the council members a little further before any board makes a decision on the formation of an RDC.