Knox City Council Tables Second Reading of Dumpster Ordinance

Knox City Council
Knox City Council

Knox City Attorney David Matsey will narrow the focus of the proposed dumpster ordinance before the city council approves the second reading.

The city council members last night reviewed the plan commission’s recommendations for the proposed ordinance. The commission members had issues with the definition of a dumpster and how the document would apply to the business sector of the city. They also felt that the time limits in the ordinance conflict with one another.

The council members discussed among themselves that they wanted to restrict the time and placement of any receptacles larger than 90 gallons in residential areas. Matsey noted that there is a container ordinance that is referred to commercial and industrial locations so this ordinance would not apply to those entities.

A revised proposed ordinance will be brought before the council for the potential for a second reading at their next meeting on Jan. 27.