Residents Urged to Take Steps to Keep Pipes from Freezing


The combination of temperatures below freezing and sub-zero wind chills means an increased likelihood of frozen pipes unless precautions are taken. These include leaving cabinet doors under kitchen and bathroom sinks open so warm air can circulate around pipes and insulating them with foam rubber or fiberglass insulation sleeves or wrapping. Both can be purchased at a hardware store, or a plumber can do it for you. Cracks in outside walls or foundations should also be caulked to keep cold air away from pipes. Also skirting around mobile homes that is missing or has fallen off should be replaced to keep cold air from circulating under the dwelling.

Turning on taps in extreme cold weather can also prevent pipes from freezing. Let water run in a stream the size of a pencil lead. Even if the pipes freeze, leaving the faucet open will relieve pressure and may keep them from bursting.

Utility adjustment policies vary from community to community. The City of Knox will only adjust the sewer portion of the bill, similar to a summer sprinkling credit, when the water superintendent has made a determination it’s in the city’s best interest for everyone to run water to keep city lines from freezing. Should that happen, information will be shared on WKVI.

North Judson residents who notify the utility clerk in advance they are letting their faucets drip will have their bills adjusted, with credits based on several months of prior usage.

Please direct any questions about utility adjustment policies to your billing office.