Knox Street Department Ready for Next Winter Storm

 The salt shed is full, and the Knox City Street Department is ready for the next snow event.

Street Superintendent Jeff Borg told the Board of Public Works members on Wednesday that they had used 80 percent of their contract for salt. Since January, 32 inches of movable snow has been recorded by the street superintendent. He said the department should be good for the rest of the season, and all equipment has been maintained and updated.

Mayor Rick Chambers brought up the issue of clearing sidewalks in the downtown area. Borg said the best practice would be to get all of the snow off of the sidewalks and into the street. The crews can then clear the streets and haul away the snow. What’s happening now is the street department clears the streets and then the sidewalk snow is thrown into the street creating more snow to be removed. Borg commended the business owners for taking the initiative to clear sidewalks in the downtown area.

He said he showed his subcontractor how to clear sidewalks along the downtown area and Pearl Street. Mayor Chambers asked about the weight of the truck on the sidewalk and Borg said it shouldn’t be a problem. He said the subcontractor uses the city’s equipment to clear snow.