Winamac Exploring Well Options

Winamac Town Hall
Winamac Town Hall

The Town of Winamac is in the process of finding additional water resources.

The Town’s current water well was accessed in the 1920’s at two different points. During Monday night’s Town Council meeting, members discussed the possibility of applying for a grant to explore for a new well.

Water Department Superintendent Jeremy Beckner says the well would help ensure safety.

“Our well field is right here at the water plant. Both wells are within 100, 150 feet of each other. And it’s right off State Road 14 so if there is ever a spill, hopefully there’s not, and one well gets contaminated, under the assumption of how close they are, both wells will be contaminated, said Beckner.”

A hydro-geologist would be used to help explore for the second access point. To pay for the effort, the Town of Winamac is hoping to receive an Office of Community and Rural Affairs, or OCRA grant.

To qualify for the grant, Winamac residents would need to meet certain income criteria. Surveys have already been sent out. Beckner says there may be a few challenges along the way.

“The main thing is finding the funding to actually do the project, and find a spot to do the project, and finding how to get it pumped to the water plant.”

Access to a second water resource would also provide aid if the initial well were at risk of contamination. The Water Department doesn’t believe there has been previous contamination in the well in past decades.

Once a water survey has been conducted, the Town of Winamac hopes to receive a second grant to help complete the work. Beckner says, judging from neighboring communities, the project could be a lengthy process.