IU Health Starke Attempts to Incorporate Local Food Into Nutrition Programs


Moderation is key.

That’s the advice IU Health Starke Hospital’s new Dietician Jana Hileman says is important for success in lifestyle changes. The hospital’s dietician is responsible for oversight of which foods patients at the hospital can consume during their stay.

She says plenty of people are stubborn.

“You just try to teach them gradual changes, says Hileman. “We don’t want everything to happen all at once, maybe set a goal a week, maybe you’ll cut back a pop a day for that week.”

Obesity and diabetes remain major health problems in the United States. Lifestyle changes when it comes to food consumption after significant health events can mean the difference in quality of life.

The hospital, however, is working to introduce locally grown produce into the nutritional programs and meal plans.

IU Health Starke Food and Nurtition Director Laura Boyd says the hospital will likely introduce the products this summer.

“I have applications at the hospital that they would nee to submit to the state and submit back to me and then I would be able to buy the produce from them,” says Boyd.

Working with families of the patients is also considered key to introduce options that may speed recovery and improve attitudes.

The hospital is not required to follow any particular guidelines, but says they follow nutritional guidelines from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.