Knox City Council Discusses Community Center Modifications

Nancy J. Dembowski Community Center
Nancy J. Dembowski Community Center

During the Tuesday evening Knox City Council meeting revisions to the Community Center were considered. New thermostats will be put in place to help reduce heating and cooling costs. There was also some discussion about replacing the current roof with a metal one.

The new thermostats will be programmable through WiFi capabilities. This means the new devices will be able to be adjusted by council members from outside sources such as tablets, computers or phones. Unlike the current system, the new system will also allow for heating or cooling to only be applied to rooms in use. This will cut down on costs since the system will not constantly be running in all sections of the building.

Currently some patching is being conducted on the roof of the building. Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston suggested the council look into replacing the top of the structure soon since approximately 2 dozen patches are already in place. Houston explained that the project would not take place in the immediate future but he thought it would behoove The Council to start considering the cost now,

He said he currently doesn’t even have a ball park figure of what something like that would cost, “We’re not going to do it this year and probably not even next year but I wanted to start figuring out how much we’ll need to put back for a roof.”

The company Royal Roofing has been asked to survey the roof and give the council an estimated price for a replacement. Since Houston addressed these matters in his treasurer’s report, no official action was taken.