Culver Slows Down Annexation Discussion

culver town hall

The Town of Culver distributed 28 surveys to landowners asking their thoughts on a possible annexation. Only six provided a positive response.

Plans were initially to annex land to the Northwest of Culver. By annexing land, Culver could increase its assessed value and population, but also gain space for future development.

Town Manager Jonathan Leist says at this point, it’s unlikely the Town will pursue all 28 parcels, but some options are being pursued.

“You know, we’ve done a little more research digging into it and seeing what options there are in terms of phasing in tax rates, and just what additional services or products we can deliver in terms of sidewalks or streetscapes,” says Leist.

The Town Council held a special work session meeting Tuesday night to review the survey results.

The assessed value of the entire 28 parcels is about $1.8-million. With the six survey respondents who gave positive feedback, only $180-thousand would be gained. Those six lots, however, are contiguous to the Town of Culver, making for an easy annexation.

Leist says future moves include developing a list of possible incentives for the landowners.

“Currently our ordinance requires, would require, all of them to hook up to sanitary sewer at their expense once we brought it to the lot line within 90 days of notice from the Town,” says Leist. “Maybe extending that, or giving them more options there.”

Following the meeting and discussion with Council members Tuesday night, Culver’s Administration says things will likely slow when it comes to pursuing the land.

According to Leist, the Town Council wanted to ensure sufficient information was gained prior to making a decision.