Hamlet Officials Prepare for Town Convention


Davis Township Trustee Robin Latimer appeared at the Wednesday night meeting of the Hamlet Town Board to discuss several issues including a reminder that the town’s Democrat convention will be held Tuesday, Aug. 18th in the new fire station. The convention begins at 6 p.m. Voters will choose between incumbent Ward 3 councilman Frank Lonigro Jr. and challenger Connie Bailey. No Republican has qualified for the seat, so the winner will appear on the November ballot. The Town of Hamlet and the Davis Township Fire Department are planning a joint event for children for Halloween.

A resolution was passed authorizing the purchase of a police department bullet-proof vest from the “riverboat fund,” money available to cities and towns from casino activity.

When the town Zoning Board met, it discussed the re-issue of a building permit to Robert Faust at 503 South Starke Street. The residence had been determined to be abandoned.

An extension of 90 days on the permit was granted. The board stipulated that the extension was granted in expectation of repair work on the home’s exterior.

Several buildings in the town are considered to be abandoned and will be demolished by the town unless the owners request a hearing on the matter. All have been given written notice of the town’s decision.