Officials Make Blueberry Festival Fun, Safe for Whole Family

Blueberry-Logo-2012It’s almost time for the Marshall County Blueberry Festival, and once again, the festival promises fun and entertainment for the entire family.

Larry Faulstich helps chair the festival’s carnival. He says the carnival has taken steps to make the festival more appealing to families with young kids, “We’ve worked very hard on the kiddie section, to develop that over the last five years into a nice area where parents can take their children. Obviously, there’s height measurements and so on that you have to follow. But still, it’s a great place to take your young children. As well, it’s separate from the adult carnival, from where the teenagers are, because of the way the carnival’s set up here, one of the few carnival setups where they’re separated. Again, we’re just trying to get that family-safe, fun attitude towards the carnival.”

Faulstich says they’ve also been working hard to make sure everyone’s safe, “Our security people do a lot with the county, do a lot with the city, do a lot with emergency management in the county to make sure that everyone is prepared, everyone’s safe. We know what our roles are in case something happens. There’s meetings ahead of time with security.”

The festival runs Labor Day weekend, September 4 – 7.

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