Power from the Past Holding Smaller Replacement Event

 The Northern Indiana Power from the Past summer power show may have been canceled this year, but you still have a chance to see some antique farm machinery in action.

The group’s president, Josh Wilder, says they’ll be at the Winamac Town Park September 26 and 27 to do some work they weren’t able to do at the regular show, “We’re going to just saw some logs, and we’ve got four loads of wheat we need to run off and get that taken care of, so we can get that to the fella that provided that for us. And, I think we’re going to shell a little bit of corn. We’ve got one wagon load of corn that we’re going to run through the corn sheller.”

He says there’s no cost to attend and everyone’s welcome, “If anybody wants to come by, we’ll probably get started there around nine o’clock in the morning or as soon as we get set up, set the sawmill up and get things over there. But we’ll be sawing throughout the day, and we probably will just stop and have a little lunch and saw some more in the afternoon and run some wheat there. And so, they’re more than welcome to come and watch if they want to.”

The organization’s yearly power show had to be canceled in July due to flooding in the Winamac Town Park.