Pulaski County Commissioners Recommend Full-Time IT Position

Pulaski County CourthouseThe Pulaski County Commissioners have decided to make an investment in an Information Technology Department.

It was learned recently that Willie DeGroot, a Winamac-based small business owner who provides technology repair services for the County, will be ending his contract for services in 30 days or fewer.

Commission President Larry Brady says the County now has a decision to make on how to fill the role.

“The quality of candidate for a part-time position probably won’t be as good as the quality of candidate for your full-time,” says Brady. “Because they can easily go find a job for $40-thousand of $50-thousand per year and the company wouldn’t even sneeze at it.”

DeGroot will still be available, but the cost for technology fixes will be different from the contract rate.

Pulaski County has considered making the position full-time for years. Whether the County can afford to make a full-time IT position was under contention during Monday evening’s Commissioners meeting.

Commissioner Bud Krohn, Jr. says the County should be mindful of its expenses.

“I’d like to see it part-time to try to keep our expenses down, and benefits,” says Krohn, Jr.

Other options included making the position part-time, or contracting the work out once again. The Fair Labor Standards Act was also consulted when it comes to putting an employee on-call around the clock.

The Commissioners voted 2-1 to make the IT position full-time with Bud Krohn, Jr. voting against the measure. The measure will now go to the Pulaski County Council next week for further consideration.