IDHS Gauging Hoosiers’ Preparedness

 The Indiana Department of Homeland Security is conducting a survey to figure out how prepared citizens are for emergencies and disasters.

From now until September 15, residents can take a 10-minute survey on the IDHS website. It’s one of the ways emergency officials are stressing the need for preparedness during September, which is National Preparedness Month. The IDHS says the results will help them understand residents’ needs and how to help them to be more prepared.

The last time time the survey was done was 2013. Then, nearly half of the respondents said they didn’t have the recommended three days’ worth of supplies on hand, and more than half thought emergency personnel would be able to arrive within six hours of a widespread disaster, which officials say is unrealistic.

The IDHS says getting ready for emergencies can be easy and inexpensive, but can make a big difference if a disaster strikes.

The survey can be found at under “Featured Topics.”