‘Mad Bomber’ Ensures Blueberry Festival Fireworks Go Smoothly

Blueberry-Logo-2012The Marshall County Blueberry Festival’s this weekend, and with it comes one of the most anticipated fireworks displays in the area.

Mad Bomber Fireworks Productions is the company behind the fireworks show. They say technology helps them make sure it runs smoothly, “We’ve got a computer-fired control system. It’s all wireless, and so once I download all the stuff into the controller from my computer, I hit one button, it starts the music, it starts the fireworks, and it all keeps time-code to make sure everything that I’ve programmed on the computer stays in sync throughout the show.”

They say cooperation with festival organizers is the key to making the show a success, “It is a big show and a lot of the stuff has to do with safety and everybody’s on the same page with that. We’ve got great security. Everybody’s on the same page with the safety, keeping the people back. If we’ve got any issue, it’s one phone call. It’s taken care of, no problem.”

The fireworks show will be Sunday night at 9:15, weather permitting.