Starke Sheriff’s Department Takes Steps to Improve Dispatcher Performance

20151027_115325_resizedStarke County Emergency Dispatchers have a way to do their jobs and improve their health at the same time.

According to Starke County Sheriff Bill Dulin, the Sheriff’s Department has purchased a treadmill for use in the 911 center. The device is stationed near the computers used by the dispatchers to help the employees better manage their 12 hour shifts.

According to Dulin, dispatchers are primarily seated at their stations for extended periods while coordinating help for emergency situations. The treadmill is designed to reduce stress during the workday and improve the overall health of the dispatchers.

Due to the immediate nature of their work, the treadmills are not allowed to exceed 2 mph – which will allow the dispatchers to carryout the duties of their work while receiving the benefits of exercise.

Dulin says the treadmill does not interrupt emergency calls or other functions of the dispatchers’ job. It can also be stopped at any time.

A reduction is sick time is also anticipated with the purchase alongside an increase in productivity.