Pulaski County Considers Salary Matrix in Face of Clerk Changes

Pulaski County CourthouseA change in Clerk is bringing with it an abridged decision on wages paid in Pulaski County

Christi Hoffa was selected as the new Clerk of Pulaski County during a caucus earlier this year. She will replace sitting Clerk Tasha Foerg. As part of the transition – which will take place on January 1st – Hoffa intends to handpick her own 1st Deputy Clerk.

She came before the Pulaski County Council on Monday to discuss possible salary offers.

“We both will have a learning curve, learning the job, the ins-and-outs of the Clerk’s office in what she’ll be doing,” says Hoffa. “But she will have more of a responsibility being the first deputy in the office.”

The new clerk would replace a county employee serving in the role for 10 years. The County Commissioners used the opportunity to review the Resume’ of the candidate seeking the position.

The conversation provided an opportunity for the Council to further discuss a proposed salary matrix. Pulaski County is working to incentivize employee longevity while providing their budget with protections from steadily increasing wages from new hires.

Council member Linda Powers says they’ve seen good feedback so far.

“I think what it does: it actually saves money over the long run,” says Powers. “We’re actually going to save money.”

The County Council recommended that if a hire is to be made, that the salary be set slightly lower than the currently serving 1st Deputy Clerk. A bump in pay is anticipated in year two.

The Council approved the recommended salary with a single vote against