RFRA Expected to Dominate Legislature Again

Senator Jim Arnold
Senator Jim Arnold

The controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act that put Indiana in the national spotlight last year is expected to once again dominate the statehouse. Lawmakers return to work today. Sen. Jim Arnold, D-LaPorte, says a bill has already been filed seeking to lessen the blow by making amicable measures for everyone concerned. “Right now the lines have been drawn in the sand. It’s going to remain to see what’s going to happen. But we know that on day one Senate Bill 100 is going to come out of the chute, and we’re going to be down there fighting over that again,” Arnold said.

He adds the matter should have never come to the general assembly since it is a religious issue based on one’s own personal beliefs.

“It has nothing to do with the quality of life in Indiana. It has nothing to do with infrastructure. It has nothing to do with jobs, the economy. It’s a social issue,” Arnold said. “We should have never touched it. We should have never brought this to bear. There’s a few people down there who want to bring religion into the statehouse, and now we’re in a fine mess again. We’re going to go back and waste a lot of time and a lot of effort fighting over this same issue we fought so much over last year.”

Lawmakers have until March 14 to complete their work for the year and adjourn.