Pulaski County Targeting City-Dwellers for Spring Advertising Campaign

Pulaski County CourthouseSometimes it’s just fresh air, but other times, it’s a tourism campaign that draws visitors to the local area.

Pulaski County readied funds this week to begin tourism advertisements that will likely be viewable in the Chicago metro this spring. Pulaski County CDC Executive Director Nathan Origer requested a transfer of $18-thousand to put the plan into action.

“38 runs over a one week period in April, including a couple of times during everybody’s favorite game show The Price is Right, and one run during the ACM 50th Anniversary Awards,” says Origer.

1.7-million households are likely to see the advertisement.

Origer says he believes the funds are currently available due to the slow progress of the west side industrial park. Work for the industrial park project which would require land surveys, legal, and grant administration funding is not anticipated to start in 2016. That leaves room for the funds to be used.

County Council members this week suggested asking area businesses that experience a high volume of tourist activity to chip-in to fund the campaign. Origer says he was pleased with the quality of the commercial.

“I watched it six times when I first opened it,” says Orgier. I thought: holy crap, where did this come from?”

The advertisement is expected to run between April 2nd and April 9th during several popular news and entertainment shows.

The Pulaski County Council approved the $18-thousand transfer, unanimously. A few seconds must first be cut from the advertisement prior to air.