Culver Rejects Revisiting Flouride Issue

culver town hall

The Culver Town Council appears to have had a slight change of heart from their previous meeting regarding the use of fluoride in its drinking water supply.

At their previous meeting, interest was expressed in revisiting the issue after a decision to include fluoride in the water supply was settled late last year. Flouride is commonly used as a method of preventing tooth decay.

Council member Tammy Schaffer says she still has questions about its corrosive effects on the water treatment plant.

“I’ve also received letters from other people wanting the fluoride for X amount of reasons,” says Schaffer. “A lot of research was done already by the previous council that came to a decision. I respect everyone’s opinion. It does not change my personal beliefs about fluoride.”

The Town of Culver considered the fluoride issue for months, listening to all sides, but ultimately sided by a slim margin with dental experts.

Following November’s General Municipal Elections, the Culver Town Council sought to consider changing their decision. The Town Council was generally split with a potential tiebreaker requesting more time to consider whether to revisit the issue.

During last night’s Town Council meeting, even members expressing an interest in considering fluoride once again said they had heard plenty of opinions from those in support of using the chemical.

Joel Samuelson was considered the tiebreaker. He says the Town needs to take action to ensure employees are properly trained to handle the product.

“If we can properly inform and train our employees and they feel comfortable enough handling it, that’s a situation that’s completely different from revisiting it,” says Samuelson. “As of right now, I really don’t feel like revisiting fluoride.”

The City of Plymouth also voted this week to stay the course and continue using fluoride in its drinking water supply.

Dental experts say the benefits of using fluoride in drinking water vastly outweigh any of the potential costs.