Reminder: ‘Spring Ahead’ Tonight


Remember to turn your clocks ahead an hour before going to bed tonight. Daylight Saving Time starts tomorrow morning at 2:00.

Indiana State Fire Marshal James Greeson says it’s also a good time to change the batteries in your smoke alarms and make sure they’re working. He says so far this year, 20 people have died in fires in Indiana, and working smoke alarms provide the best chance of getting out of a house fire safely.

Some other tips include installing smoke alarms outside of each sleeping area and on every floor of the home, replacing smoke alarms over 10 years old, and developing a family escape plan with at least two different ways out of every room in the house. Those who rent their home are reminded that it’s the landlord’s responsibility to install at least one smoke alarm in each unit, but it’s up to the tenant to maintain the smoke alarm and let the landlord know of any issues.

More fire safety tips can be found on the Indiana Department of Homeland Security website.