Hamlet Park Board Approves Vending Machine Addition

Hamlet Fall 5The addition of security cameras in the Hamlet Town Park will clear the way for a few other amenities. The park board agreed Wednesday night to add a pop machine in the pavilion. Members noted it will be in full view of one of the security cameras, which are pending installation.

The vendor will be responsible for stocking and servicing the machine and will give the town money to cover their cost of electricity. Members agreed cans are a better option than bottles since they are more likely to be picked up for recycling.

The board also discussed offering more restroom access once the cameras are installed, but ultimately decided against doing so. Right now the park’s restrooms are only open when the pavilion is rented and during special events. Park board members worry the cameras won’t be enough of a deterrent for theft and vandalism since they will not be inside the actual restroom facilities. They also decided against bringing in a permanent portable toilet due to the expense and potential for mischief. Most park patrons live close enough they can go home to use the facilities if necessary.