NIPSCO Customers May Report Outages Via Text

nipsco-logoAs the summer storm season gets underway, NIPSCO is reminding customers of their options when it comes to reporting power outages. The utility provider says one easy way is to send them a text message.

Customers can let NIPSCO know if their power’s out by texting the word “Out” to 444111. NIPSCO will then send a response to confirm the customer’s address and contact information.

Utility customers also have the options to report outages by calling 1-800-464-7726 or online at Also on NIPSCO’s website, customers can sign up to get updates during outages by text, e-mail, or phone. Updates are also provided on NIPSCO’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.

NIPSCO reminds the public to stay safe during the storm season by keeping an eye on local weather conditions, making a storm preparedness kit, keeping away from downed power lines, and finding a safe place in their home.