OD Continues Work on Seclusion and Restraint Policy for Students

Oregon-Davis-Jr_Sr-BuildingThe Oregon-Davis School Board continues to chip away at a policy and an action plan for managing high intensity and emotional situations.

During this week’s school board meeting, an update was provided on the policy’s planning stages. School board members adopted what’s referred to as the “Seclusion and Restraint” policy at their May meeting. A guideline for dealing with those situations is also in the development phase.

Superintendent Jim Dermody says he wanted to let the school board know how the plan is coming along.

“We hope to bring that to the board at the July meeting and that plan will actually be the steps we will use to carry out the policy,” says Dermody.

The changes is recommended by NEOLA, an organization dedicated to improving school policy around the country. According to the recommended language, it’s designed to be used only in emergency situations on students that are exhibiting disruptive behavior that could harm themselves or others.

Language in the policy disallows using the policy on students with a disability or handicap unless certain language allows for it at the local level.

Dermody says the action plan is in addition to the policy, and acts as a template for the staff to action in such a situation arises.

“It’s the proper response of school personnel will be emotionally charged or they’re dealing with certain ways and a guideline for how to handle situations that might be disruptive,” says Dermody.

Restraints are also recommended in the policy to limit a student’s movement if they are becoming a danger to themselves or others.

The Oregon-Davis School Board is expected to consider adopting the policy at their July meeting.